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Machine Afzar Azerbaijan Company

Machine Afzar Azerbaijan Company is committed to servicing and providing the best solutions to the customers in CNC machine tools field by relying on technical knowledge and several-year experiences. Since the main and irreversible purpose of this company in its strategic planning and policy is to supply satisfaction and build constructive relationships with customer, adequate facilities with considerable investment have been provided for experienced and knowledge-based experts. Technical support of our partner companies enables us to provide before sale services including consult on choosing suitable machines based on customers need, free designing, fixture manufacturing, and relevant fixture for produced parts for increasing accuracy and quality and reducing machining time. Providing all tools needed for parts as well as proper after sale services including installation, set up , training , part supply , maintenance and answering technical questions.

Any comments and suggestions of dear customers will encourage and appreciate this company.

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Machine Afzar Azerbainjan Company  is the exclusive agent of NEWAY company in Iran.
Neway CNC Equipment (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is situated in Suzhou High Tech development District. Invested $150 million, the company covers an area of 200000 square meters.
Neway CNC Equipment Research Institute works in developing advanced CNC machinery. More than one hundred top research engineers in the field work for this purpose and the number should exceed 300 within 5 years. The Institute is comprised of 7 R&D departments, five mechanic departments, one synthesis department and one electric control department, all products are designed with optimized 3 dimensions and analyzed by ANSYS finite method before SAP system production.
Germany R&D Center (Neway CNC Europe) and US R&D Center (Neway CNC America) design and develop machines together with Neway Research Institute in order to meet specific requirement from customers of all corners of the world.

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