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Machine Afzar Azerbaijan is the exclusive distributor of NEWAY Company in Iran, located in Sojou, China. The company, with an investment of over $ 150 million in machinery and equipment with an infrastructure of 200,000 cubic meters, Machine manufacturer.

A total of 100 engineers work on research. Designing machines are being developed by research and development centers in Germany and the United States, which is the center for development and research.


Machine Afzar Azerbaijan Company relying on an experienced team,  has launched a customer consultation system and offers the best machine to fit your needs. Machinery consulting group in the field of machine selection, repairs, how to produce a piece and etc Will be with you.

Providing the right advice on the purchase of goods is not only a factor in customer satisfaction, it also promotes the goals of Machine Afzar Azerbaijan Company , which provides proper after-sales service and, ultimately, customer satisfaction


Because providing satisfaction and building customer relationships is the main and unalterable goal of the company’s planning and policies, the significant investment that is available to our experienced and knowledgeable professionals, and the technical support of companies Our colleague plays in this important.

Support service that includes installation, commissioning, training (operator training), supplying parts, performing repairs and answering technical questions.

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